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2. ENERGYMETER-DEN1903-V21  SMA  and  Sunny  WebBox  are  registered  trademarks  of  SMA  Solar  Technology  AG.  Printed  on  FSC-certified  paper.  Changes  to  products  and  services,  including  those  resulting  from  country-specific  requirements,  and  deviations  from  technical  data  are  subject  to  change  without  notice.  SMA  assumes  no  liability  for  errors  or  omissions.  For  the  latest  information,  go  to SMA Solar Technology Technical Data SMA Energy Meter Communication Connection  to  the  local  router via  Ethernet  cable  (10/100  Mbit/s,  RJ45  plug) Inputs (voltage and current) Nominal voltage 230 V/400 V Frequency  50 Hz/±5% Nominal  current  /  limiting  current  per  line  conductor 5  A/63  A  (>63  A  can  be  connected  via  external  current  transformers)  Start-up current < 25 mA Connection  cross-section 10  mm²  to  16  mm²  1)  (for  63  A  fusing) Torque  for  screw  terminals 2.0 Nm Ambient Conditions in Operation Ambient  temperature –25°C  to  +40°C Storage temperature range –25°C  to  +70°C Protection  class  (according  to  IEC 62103) II Degree  of  protection  (according  to  IEC  60529) IP2X Max.  permissible  value  for  relative  humidity  (non-condensing) 5%  to  90%  2) Elevation  above  MSL 0  m  to  2000  m General Data Dimensions  (W/H/D) 70  mm/88  mm/65  mm Top  hat-rail  width  units 4 Weight 0.3 kg Mounting  location Switch  or  meter  cabinet Mounting  type Top-hat  rail  mounting Status  display 2  LEDs Self-consumption <  3  W Measurement  accuracy,  measuring  cycle 1%,  1000 ms Features Warranty 2  years Certificates  and  permits  (more  available  upon  request) Last  updated:  January  2019 1)  Mechanical  1.5  mm²  to  25  mm² 2)  95%  only  on  up  to  30  days  of  the  year Type  designation EMETER-20 Storage application example

1. Flexible • Space-saving, top-hat rail mounting in household distribution thanks to compact enclosure • Flexible  use  in  applications  > 63 A thanks to external current transformers SMA ENERGY METER Universal recording of measured values for intelligent energy management A  high-performance  measurement  solution  for  intelligent  energy  management  in  PV  systems  with  SMA  devices.  The  SMA  Energy  Meter  calculates  phase-exact  and  balanced  electrical  measured  values  and  communicates  these  via  Ethernet  in  the  local  network.  In  this  way,  all  data  on  grid  feed-in  and  purchased  electricity  as  well  as  PV  generation  by  other  PV  inverters  can  be  communicated  to  SMA  systems  frequently  and  with  a  high  level  of  precision. Integrating  the  SMA  Energy  Meter  establishes,  in  all  systems,  an  ideally  coordinated  system  configuration  that  guarantees  the  highest  performance  and  stability  with  the  best  cost  savings  and  increased  self-consumption. • Suitable for universal use regardless  of  existing  energy  meter High Performance • Fast three-phase, bidirectional reading for  effective  energy  management* • Ideal  coordination  with  SMA  devices  to ensure control tasks are carried out  stably Easy to Use • Quick  plug-and-play  installation • Graphic visualization of current measured  values  in  Sunny  Portal  and  local  web  UI SMA ENERGY METER EMETER-20 *  Can  also  be  used  in  single-phase  systems.


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